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Multichapter fics
for all your longform needs

new chapters of fics go up on my early access tumblr first. i may also post bonus chapters of fics on there. to gain access, you can buy me a coffee on ko-fi!

for when you need a small but potent spideychelle dose

some of these links may go to my second tumblr. to access those fics, you can buy me a coffee on ko-fi!

5 things
because who doesn't love a good 5/5+1 fic?

in case you need a good cry

to live vicariously through a happy couple

enemies to lovers

friends to lovers
aka what i have in my tinder bio under "what i'm looking for"

friends with benefits to lovers
the only thing people know me for tbh

fake dating
everyone's favourite trope

spideychelle week 2020
all the fics i wrote that fell into the prompts

every series on my profile
bc sometimes one story isn't enough for an au


please read the disclaimer at the bottom of the page before contacting me

you can contact me for a commissions via my twitter, ko-fi, or tumblr

writing commissions:

basic commission+ smut
$15/1k words+ $3/1k words
allow 1 week per 1k wordsallow an extra 3 days per 1k words

Prices are in CAD. I’ll accept payment through ko-fi. payment must be up-front, and work on a commission will not begin until at least 75% of the total price has been received. the final product will not be handed over until 100% of payment has been received. you will receive a an email to a read-only document

no incest, pedophilic, furry content. NFSW content will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis

Anyone who purchases a commission can claim a month’s access to the early access tumblr.

All works are copyright protected, and can only be distributed with my permission and with credit. Works may only be altered with my permission and credit. I reserve the right to deny any request.